Our goal is to align talent with employment by improving access and education

Currently this doesn't happen very effectively:


Talented individuals are often not made to feel like jobs are accessible to them. This can happen for a huge number of reasons including working environments that are not inclusive of all races and gender, to prohibitively expensive entry requirements (most employers require applicants to have completed some higher education for which, factoring in all expenses, the average cost in the UK is £76,000).


Education often prepares its students for the needs of the job market very inefficiently and the job market often sets criteria that restrict applications to those with inefficient forms of education. Does it really make sense that years of higher education are a requirement for jobs that can be taught in months?


It is because of the above that we set up Landed - because we need to build trust between employers and a significantly more efficient and accessible approach to education. An education with a zero upfront fee that gets individuals into startup sales and account management jobs in a couple of months is a great place to start. No higher education faculty in the UK that we looked at provides courses geared specifically towards preparing people for sales and account management roles. Despite this, the knowledge base required to excel in these roles can be taught comparatively quickly, and the demand for these types of jobs is enormous. 


Sales and account management roles are a good first step; we are excited to launch programmes for new roles in the near future.