Recruitment fee reduced to 0%

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Beta programme discount, limited availability.


How does Landed School work?

Landed School: [1] Finds, selects and screens talent for entry level sales and account management roles in startups. [2] We then give them over 200 hours of training and assignments (designed and delivered by leaders from companies like Amazon and Deliveroo). [3] During these assignments we build a profile of our candidate's performance. [4] We then fast-track candidates to final round interviews with companies that are interested in hiring them. Find out more here.

Why are you running a promotion?

We are soon launching our first programme. We want candidates to know that Landed School are working with the best companies, and we want the best companies to have the opportunity to see the calibre of our candidates, training and assessment process. 

How does the promotion work? 

For a limited number of companies that register now, we will waive all fees associated with making a hire from our first 'Beta' cohort. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to interview candidates as this is contingent on our candidates a) having not already accepted offers from another company b) wanting to apply to your company.

What does registering involve?

In brief: [a] you become a 'hiring partner' [b] if you wish to interview a Landed School candidate you agree to fast-track them to final round interview(s) [c] You understand that after our first cohort there will be an on-hire fee based on a % of our candidates salary. The exact terms of this fee are negotiated with each client. There is no cost for being registered as a "Hiring Partner". The exact terms of this fee are negotiated with each client. Please see our terms for more information. Registering as a hiring partner does not commit you to interviewing or hiring any candidates.

Why do we have to fast-track candidates to final round interview(s)?

We have already screened, selected and assessed candidates over the course of 4 weeks and using industry leading processes. You have access to this information.

  Register now and for £0 we will:

  • Find, select and screen sales / account mgmt talent
  • Give them 200 hours of training and assignments

  • Give you a profile of their performance 

  • Invite you to interview and hire them (if you want to!)

  • £0 cost, £0 commission...c.£6000 in savings per hire.