Hire faster.

Higher standard.

Looking to hire sales execs or account managers for your startup? 

Landed School selects the best talent and gives them over 200 hours of industry leading training before you've even invited them to interview. 

Hire candidates trained by sales leaders from the world's best companies


Scale faster with talent trained specifically for the job

Find better talent
Our industry leading screening process means we only accept the best onto the Landed programme. Our industry leading training means they become even better. See here for more info on our training.
Find diverse talent
Our programme focuses on talent and traits rather than someone's background or experience. Our cohorts are diverse, your company can be to. 
Hire talent faster
We hand you a highly qualified pool of talent to choose from, which means less time managing recruitment campaigns, reviewing CVs, and running interviews.
Retain talent longer
Landed Associates know what working in a startup and the job role entails - they stay longer, progress further, and remain happier and more engaged in their career with you.
Reduce ramp time
Landed Associates are taught by people that have built sales and account management teams for the world's most successful startups. They ramp on key processes, techniques and products before they even step through your door.
Improve hiring decisions
Rely on more than CVs. Hiring partners are given access to performance data from each cohort. By using data from real working situations you can assess candidates with the same rigour that you apply to internal review processes.

How it works

01/ Become a hiring partner

Keen to interview one of our candidates? Our only ask is that you invite them directly to interview; we have already screened and tested candidates. 

02/ Invite candidates to interview

Use more than just CVs to assess who you interview. We provide hiring partners with information from our candidates application to Landed (application questions and psychometric tests) in addition to performance data throughout the programme. 

03/ Interview

You have complete control over the interview process. Alongside access to the candidates sales performance data, this enables you to deeply assesses a candidates fit with your company and role.

04/ Land some hires! 

Found some great candidates? Excellent, you can now discuss an offer with them and land some hires! You only pay us if you decide to hire a candidate. Fees vary based on the volume of hires you make.

05/ Further involvement

Want to give yourself a chance of landing an even better candidate next time round? Start engaging with the curriculum and cohorts even more - present your company to them, mentor candidates, and even include elements of your sales cycle in the curriculum.