FAQ for companies

What does Landed do?

Landed provides vetted and qualified candidates for you to interview for sales and account management roles. To become a Landed Associate, candidates go through a rigouours application process and receive over 200 hours of training from industry leaders. Pay nothing unless you make a hire.

Why work with Landed?

1) Reduce ramp time Landed Associates are taught by people that have built sales and account management teams for the world's most successful startups. They ramp on key processes, techniques and products before they even step through your door. 2) Improve hiring decisionsRely on more than CVs. Hiring partners are given access to performance data from each cohort. By using data from real working situations you can assess candidates with the same rigour that you apply to internal review processes. 3) Find better talent Our industry leading screening process means we only accept the best onto the Landed programme. Our industry leading training means they become even better. See here for more info on our training. 4) Find more diverse talent Our programme focuses on talent and traits rather than someone's background or experience. Our cohorts are diverse, your company can be to. 5) Hire talent faster We hand you a highly qualified pool of talent to choose from, which means less time managing recruitment campaigns, reviewing CVs, and running interviews. 6) Retain talent longer Landed Associates know what working in a startup and the job role entails - they stay longer, progress further, and remain happier and more engaged in their career with you.

How do you screen candidates?

Our application process has been developed in consultation with the UK's top startups. We assess for skills that correlate with success in startup sales and account management jobs. They complete a psychometric test, a writing test and undergo interviews with senior sales executives. Less than 5% are accepted into our training program. When you hire a Landed Associate you are not only benefiting from candidates that have recieved industry leading training, you also benefit from canidates that have been vetted by an industry leading recruitment process.

How do you train candidates?

Landed associates go through 200 hours of sales and account management training over 4 weeks, including: classroom work designed by industry leaders, real work in partnership with startups, and independent learning. Find out more here.

What do you look for in candidates?

We look for candidates that demonstrate perseverance, empathy, patience, honesty, initative, adaptability and strong communication. We realise that the roles and requirements in different companies and industries can be very varied, and so we work with you to match candidates that are the best fit with your company.

How do we become a hiring partner?

If you want to interview a candidate, our only ask is that you invite them directly to interview; we have already screened and tested candidates. There is not cost to interview candidates, but you should understand the fees involved should you wish to hire a candidate.

How much do you charge?

We work on a fee per hire basis. Please contact us to discuss this in more detail.

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FAQ for applicants

What does Landed do?

We invest in training the best individuals to launch non-technical careers with the best startups. If you haven't landed a job after our course, it is completely free.

Can't I just apply to companies without completing a Landed programme?

1) Access to jobs. Applying through job sites and company websites does not work very well (only 5% of the time). The best jobs are filled by internal candidates and referalls before companies even list them publicly. If they are listed publicly, your CV is reviewed with hundreds of others and that's if the position still even remains open. We talk with companies to understand their recruitment cycle - we know of upcoming jobs that aren't listed. At this point we fast track you directly to interview with descision makers. 2) A job that is right for you Sales and account management roles come in many shapes and sizes and job specifications often aren't very good at explaining what these roles are actually like. In our previous jobs we lost count of the number of times we saw people think they were going into an account management job only to discover they were making sales calls 90% of the time. By undertaking the programme you can get a real sense of what various roles will entail, what you will enjoy most and where your strenghts lie. We recommend companies and roles that are a good fit for you. 3) Credibility as a candidate Employers trust our selection process and training programme, which means we can attest to your credibility beyond simply your CV and past experiences. 3) Better offers Better candidates get more offers and better pay. We will also help you to negotiate offers that reflect the true value you are adding to companies. 4) Hit your targets, outperform your peers Once in a job, our training gives you skills and experiences that would otherwise take months to develop. So you will already have a headstart, enabling you to hit targets more easily and outperform your peers. 5) A support network We also support you after you've landed a job. You are now part of a network of Landed Associates, mentors and sales leaders - whether you need an introduction to try and close a new deal or are looking for advice on career progression the Landed community is here to help. 6) All of the above for 0 risk Pay us nothing unless you accept a great job. If you do accept a job you pay 10% of your total income for a year after you've been hired.

Does the programme prepare people for both sales and account management roles?

Yes. Although these are different jobs, there is often a significant overlap in the types of skills and tools required to excel in these roles.

Do you offer programmes for non-technical roles in startups other than sales and account management?

Not yet, but we will. Please sign up to our newsletter for updates on new programmes that we will be rolling out.

Is the programme full time?

Yes, for the time being. Our current programme is a very intensive, full time programme running from 08:30 - 17:30, Mon - Fri, for 4 weeks in a row. In addition to this, participants will be expected to do some independent reading and preparation outside of set working hours. We will soon be rolling out a programme that can be completed remotely and part-time. We will also soon be rolling out programmes in other cities. Please register your interest here.

Does the programme have to be attended in-person? Is London the only location?

Yes, for the time being. Our current programme has to be attended in person in central London (locations will vary and involve sessions in the offices of partner companies). We will soon be rolling out a programme that can be completed remotely and part-time. We will also soon be rolling out programmes in other cities. Please register your interest here.

How much do you charge?

You pay nothing if you don't land a job. If you do land a job that is paying you a salary over £25k, then you pay us 3k in 12 monthly installments. This is all detailed in an agreement you sign if you wish to take part in a Landed School programme.

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I don't have a degree and relevant past experience, can I apply?

Yes. The best sales and account managers often don't have degrees and relevant past experiences. Instead we look for candidates that can demonstrate perseverance, empathy, ,patience, innovation, honesty, initiative, strong communication and an ability to operate amongst lots of ambiguity.

I do have a degree and relevant work experience, should I apply?

Yes. Check out the second question on this list "Can I just apply to companies directly?" to see all the reasons why becoming a Landed Associate is great for your career.

What information is shared with hiring partners?

Hiring partners fast track you straight to interview. Part of the reason they do this is because when joining the programme you agree to let us share with them the application you made to Landed and performance data from your time on the programme. This data means that hiring partners do not need to duplicate the initial screening process and can make more informed descisions regarding which candidates they think are best suited to certain roles. IMPORTANTLY this data is anonymised (i.e you will not be referred to by name) until you go to interview. We do this for two reasons a) so that hiring companies only have named data on you if you both wish to proceed to interview b) so that hiring companies do not unwittingly bias any descisions based on gender or race. If you are making an application to a company that is not registered as hiring partner with us, then you are in complete control of the data you decide to share with them. We make all of your performance data accesible to you so that, if you want to, you can give prospective employers a detailed understanding of just how qualified you are for the job.

Why didn't I get accepted?

Unfortunately we do not offer individual feedback. What we can say though is that a) our application process isn't perfect and we will inevitably turn down some very talented people b) generally speaking applications are not turned down because they are not good enough for the programme. Instead applications are turned down because we don't have enough places available to accomodate everyone, and on this occasion we received some applications that just edged yours.

Can I apply again?

Yes. There is no limit on the amount of times you can apply and, in fact, we value perseverance in applicants. However, if you have applied before, we would like to see greater evidence the skills we outine in the question "I don't have a degree or relevant past experience, can I apply?"

If I get onto the Landed programme can I only apply to hiring partners?

No. Applying to hiring partners clearly has numerous benefits both for you and us (hiring partners also pay us a fee if they hire you) but, if there are companies you are interested in joining that we haven't partnered with, then we will do everything we can to support you in your application. You pay us nothing if you do not accept and stay in a job, so the most important thing is that you find a job you are happy with.

Do I still have to pay a fee If I land a job that is not in sales or account management, or a job that is not at a startup?

Yes, if you land a job with earnings over £25,000. We do this for three reasons: 1) Attract the right candidates Both us and our hiring partners need to be confident that we are attracting people comitted to a career in startups. 2) The difficulty of definitions Sales and account management jobs come in many differnet shapes and sizes, as do startups. It is impossible to box these into perfect definitions. 3) Value irrespective of the job Even if Landed Associates discover during the programme that non-technical roles at startups are not a good fit for them, we are confident that our programme is still enormously valuable (develop critical skills, learn the best way to apply for jobs, gain a badge of credibility and better understand your own career skills and desires). As proof of this you only pay a fee if you land a job with a total first year earnings over £25,000.

What if I don't land a job for a while after the course, do I still have to pay the fee?

We accept people onto the programme in good faith that you intend to apply to jobs after the course and we committ to helping you find a job within 6 months. If after this point you have still not got a job then we will not ask for a fee. Candidates proactively seeking employment is not only how we fund the company, but it is also an important part of the training you are given. As a result, if a candidate shows no intention of applying for jobs we may revoke their qualification as a Landed Associate.

Can I interview with any hiring partner that I want to?

There are two reasons you may not be able to interview with a specific hiring partner. (1) We cannot guarantee that a specific hiring partner will have available positions at the end of your course (2) In order to interview with a hiring partner both the candidate and the Hiring Partner must indicate that they wish to proceed with an interview. What we can guarantee though is that you will get a great job offer. We work with many of the UK's top startups and, if you want to also apply to a company we are not working with yet, we will help you to do so. If you do not receive a job after the programme, we will reimburse the course fees.