A 4-week programme in which:


Industry leaders train you to excel in sales roles using both classroom work and real work assignments.


You get matched with some of the world's top startups and interview for full-time roles. Without Landed School these roles often require 6 - 12 months relevant experience.


We guarantee you will be offered a job.

If you don't the course costs nothing. 

Help shape the future

Our Hiring Partners are amongst the world's most innovative companies. Some are backed by early investors in Google, Amazon, and Facebook. Jump on-board early. If you want to apply to a company we don't work with yet we will help you. Remember, we guarantee you'll be offered a job. 

Some of the amazing companies we work with:

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The best place to start


Average 1st year earnings including bonus. Exceptional performers can earn up to c.£50k. Base salary of c.£25k

Exciting work

Vs. normal companies you are likely to i) have more responsability ii) more impact iii)  work in a faster and more dynamic environment.

Great roles

Business development executive, Sales development representative, Account executive, Customer success exec, Inside sales executive.

Fast progression

Potential for very fast career progression. Highly meritocratic. Good performers often promoted in c.12 months.

A course built by sales leaders from the world's best companies

Jacques de Haes

Sales Manager

Amazon Business

Ines Cid



Nick Green

Head of Sales 


Nick Foo

Head of Partnerships Grab

What will I learn?

WK1/ Intro & Inbound

  • Intro: customer life-cycle and the roles of inbound / outbound / acct mgmt / customer success. Key skills and attributes for success.

  • Inbound: lead qualification, use of data and tools, discovery emails/calls.

  • Real work: qualify inbound leads for a startup

WK2/ Outbound Prospecting

  • Outbound lead gen: useful tools (Linkedin, DueDil, Builtwith)

  • Outreach channels: bulk & personalised emailing, calls & voicemails, 

  • Effective engagement: consultative selling pt I, objection handling


WK3Closing & CS

  • Closing: consultative selling pt II, building rapport and trust and momentum.

  • Customer success: upselling, preventing churn, internal stakeholders


WK4Landing a job

  • Warm introductions: CV review, mock interviews, salary negotiation

  • Job applications as outbound sales: identifying prospects, finding right POC, multi-channel outreach

Who should apply?

Instead of assessing candidates on their education or industry experience we look for individuals that can demonstrate 5 key traits: coachability, curiosity, empathy, adaptability and work ethic.

Landed, in detail

01/ Apply to the course

The best applicants often don't have industry experience, instead we look for evidence of attributes like: perseverance, initiative, empathy, teamwork, adaptability and more. If you are selected - congratulations, you are one of 10-20 people selected for the next course. We run a 4 week programme once a month in London. More locations will be launching soon, register your interest here.

02/ Learn from the best

The 4 week course delivers over 200 hours of sales and account management training, including (i) classroom work designed by industry leaders from Amazon, WeWork, Grab and Houzz, (ii) real work in partnership with startups, and (iii) independent learning. We monitor your performance throughout and provide structured feedback and mentoring. See here for more info on the curriculum.

03/ Get hired by the best

Get introductions to companies that know about Landed and value the rigorous selection and training process you've been through; if your profile is of interest, you get to skip the queue and go straight to final round interviews. You may want to join a company we haven't introduced you to, so we also show you the most effective approach to take - it doesn't involve job listings and cover letters (c.5% hiring success rate) but instead borrows heavily from everything you've just learnt (84% hiring success rate).

04/ Pay & aligned incentives 

You've landed a job offer...maybe even three! Career success in a startup is influenced as much by the performance of the company as it is by your own performance; together we identify companies with the best prospects and fit with your skills and interests. We're well placed to do this because we talk with the investors, recruiters and hiring managers all the time. We're incentivised to do this because our pay prospects are contingent on yours - when you land a job and it starts paying you over >£25k you pay us £3k in 12 monthly instalments. If you don't land a job the course costs nothing. For more info read our FAQ.